Stormy Rides & Red Lights

i spent a lot of time with dad over the past few days.  He, Paula and I drove to Teresa’s grandpas funeral in New Mexico.  The drive was nice, barring the rain, fog and blizzard like snow.  Dad shared some wisdom with us, stories from his past and a bit of frustration/anger.  I don’t know why he’s so mad.  Everything angers him.  I sometimes wonder if the anger is from greif over mom…but I don’t think so.  I think he’s always been a ‘glass half empty, or not even half…I bet it’s two thirds and some silly son of a so-and-so is trying to convince him it’s actually half!…instead of half full sort of guy.

When pressed, he would comment on the beauty of the scenery.  So he CAN see good.

I would hate to live like this.  I asked him yesterday – when he starting cussing about traffic, construction on the road and then doctors-why he was so mad at everything.  He had no answer.  We were sitting at a red light and he told me he was going to run it, “these lights are the stupidest things, I don’t know who set these, somebody’s making money off of this and I don’t understand it…” 

I tried to stop him, “Dad!!!  You can’t do this, you’re breaking the law!” 

“I’ve been around awhile! Don’t you worry about me, I can see when it’s safe to go!” And go he did.  Grumbling and cussing the whole time.  Speeding up a bit to beat the cars coming our way, you know the ones that had the green light.  Jerks!

Why is he so angry?  Certainly can’t be because he was stopped at a red light.  We were in no hurry.  Was it that red light telling him what to do?  Heaven forbid anyone or THiNG tell him what he can and can’t do!  No red light is going to stop him!!!

Lord, give me patience, I think I’m going to need it.


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