Bob had doctors visit this week, started with a respiratory treatment to fight against a type of pneumonia that is common in post-transplant patients. Then we saw the nurse practitioner. He’s still doing very well…all things considered. Still very tired, energy level is increasing slowly but surely.

He even went to work this week.


Although half of his time at work is napping…


On our way home from his doctor visit Tuesday…I called mom to check on her. Couldn’t reach her, so I called dad. He said she had driven up to the office to visit! When we got to work she said, “I figured if Bob could get out and drive, so could I.”
I asked her how it felt to drive, she said,”It was a little scary. I haven’t driven in five months and I was a little nervous, but I made it!”

Both patients doing well. Driving. Working. Napping a lot. Living!

Update Day +36

Since mom has had her “something is different” moment…she has seemed to come alive. She’s eating again, she’s laughing, she’s going outside to sit on the porch…she’s back. We don’t need to see the results of the bone marrow biopsy to know it…she’s going to be okay. Thank you God.

Bob asked to drive to the grocery store last night; he was feeling pretty good so I let him. His driving was no worse than usual….he would argue that it was as good as it always is…but I stand by my description.

Today we saw Dr. M and had our ‘exit interview’ from the transplant. Weird that they call it exit…because we were directed straight from our exit interview to the hospital for 2 units of blood. Dr. M says that red cells are the last to recover so this may go on for a bit more. I was so optimistic today, thought that platelets would be over 50 and H&H would be up…just knew we’d be getting the PIC line pulled and told that he could start living normally again. NOPE, not quite yet. Dr. M also said, “Bob I was really aggressive with the chemo this time, I’m not surprised its taking awhile…but it will get better every week”. So we see him every week through April.

They told us that they are going to draw all cancer labs early May. They will then make the definitive diagnosis as to whether or not the transplant worked. We’re pretty sure it worked.

I think I’m going to start planning our vacation. August…mom and dad’s 50th wedding anniversary, that sounds like a good time to vacation/celebrate.