Day+15 high – low

When the girls were young and our family would sit around the dinner table at night, we played a game called highs and lows.  We went around the table and stated our high point of the day, and our low point.  It seems that lately I have lots of highs and lows in each and every day.

Today’s low:  Bob woke up at 3 am vomiting again.  Then puked up breakfast before going to the clinic.

Today’s high:  We saw doctor M today and he cancelled the infectious disease doctor visit.  He’s not too worried about the pneumonia.  Bob’s on enough antibiotics, and has a normal white blood count, he’ll be fine.  And he discontinued the IV fluids in the clinic (minimizing our stay there every day), and he told us that we can have the weekend OFF!  No clinic visit this weekend.  Woooooo hooooooo

After we left the clinic we went to a party store so he could buy a wig.  After trying on mullets, dread locks and Afros, he settled on a punk rocker black one and a beach bum blonde one.  He’s gonna have fun with his baldness.

I’m trying very hard to stay emotionally stable in this high/low roller coaster of daily events.  I think I just need to take it one moment at a time.  Enjoying the highs, and coasting through the lows.