the pool

Summer of 2011 we bought an “easy pool” for the boys.  This easy pool kept collapsing in the back yard.  It became a FIGHT to keep it up; and I do mean FIGHT.

The Bob I married would have fixed it.  He would have made it right.  The Bob I have now (fighting cancer again Bob) was too tired.  He’d look out the window and say “Kim, that pool doesn’t look right” then go back to the couch for a nap.

I was infuriated that cancer was taking Bob away from me again.  Don’t get me wrong – my faith tells me that Bob is healed.  Bob will not die, but live to declare the works of the Lord!  But the journey continues to sap the energy out of him…and me.  The pool collapsing over and over again was just a reminder to me that we were being beat up over and over again. 

I would watch him go for his nap and get so angry that I’d march out the back door, down the rickety splintered deck stairs (something else that my tired Bob hasn’t fixed) and drain that pool again to start over.  “I will not let this pool beat me!” was my mantra.

Bob helped when he could, my dad helped, Katie helped, both of my sons-in-law helped…but I felt like I was the only one committed to seeing this pool “not beat me”.
After 5 times of draining the pool…5 times of leveling the ground…5 times of refilling the pool…immeasurable amounts of sweat and tears

(yes, I cried)…we did it!  Persistence and perseverance paid off.

Can I persistently believe for healing?  Can our perseverance in this fight against cancer pay off?  Yes, God’s word is true.  We will not be beat.

Connor & Blake in the pool

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