Bad morning, bad day…

Today was a bad day, I cried most of the day.  I finally ended up realizing that I was just feeling sorry for myself.  Thank you God that YOU don’t have ‘pity parties’. 

I woke this morning to Bob telling me that he was sick, and sick of being sick.  He then listed his symptoms.  Long list.

This fight feels differently than the last fight.  I don’t want to fight.  BUT I want the fight to continue, I want the fight to go on…I want there to be a victory and I want to collect the spoils.  I just don’t want to be the one fighting.  I want Bob to fight.   That doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen.    Bob wakes up with ‘death’ on his lips…”I’m sick, I have a headache, I was up all night….”

God?  Will you fight in our stead?  You did before.  When I call you hear me.  I trust you still.  The battle is yours.  We will stand on this battlefield and watch you move.  If we yell, will the walls fall down?  If we sing, will they tumble?  Let me see you move God, let me hear you.

Psalm 143:8 “Let me HEAR of your unfailing love in the morning Lord for I am trusting you.”

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