11.19.11 update

Mom saw doctor wednesday.  He said “you are exeptional” to her.  I agree.  Her blood counts are coming up, the cancer counts are going down.  He keeps telling her that she has done “just wonderfully”. 

If her white blood count, red blood count and platelet count are just a tad higher by Monday the 21st she will start her second (and she says final) round of chemotherapy.  Doc told her that she will do better this time than last time because she is starting this round ‘in a better place’ than last time.  She is healthier as she starts this time.

The doctor left the room to take another call while we were in the exam room…says “excuse me I have to take a call from Dr. Matous”.  Dr. Matous is Bob’s doctor.  We told him to say hi for us.  Weird.

Thursday Bob had his second chemo injection.  His sister Mary is in town and she went with him.  He’s doing well.  The steroids that he gets with the chemo make him feel GREAT.  Like Superman Great.  He had chemo, worked all day, went and played 2 soccer games, went out with the team afterwards, got home at 11pm then woke up the next morning at 5AM to work out before going to work all day again.  I wish he could take the steroids every day!   

All in all both Mom and Bob are doing wonderfully.   thanks to everyone for the prayers!


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