Those People

Mom finished cycle number two, all five days.  Dad took her.  She  called every day when chemo was over to tell me how it went.  On Wednesday she said, ” it was very depressing”.  I asked why.  She said, “those people are sick.”   

I think we are ‘those people’.  We are people that spend time in Oncologist’s offices.  We are people that sit in chemotherapy treatment rooms.    We are people that other people say “those people are sick” about.  We are those people that think about death.  We are people that have to…we deal with cancer treatments and blood counts and kidney function tests and biopsies.  We are those people that look at every cold or virus as it may be something that ends up in a hospital stay.

Mom quickly stated, “But I’m not sick; I’m not like those people.” 

Because we are trying to be those people that appreciate life.  We are those people that try very hard to enjoy every little thing, like – cooking a meal together, watching a movie in our PJs, eating ice cream out of the container, driving our grandkids through neighborhoods to look at Christmas lights, laying in front of the fireplace and watching Christmas Movies…just doing anything that seems like living and not dieing.

Mom is finished with chemo, and will have a bone marrow biopsy next month to tell us that she is cancer free.  So we can go back to being those people who don’t spend our time in cancer centers.  well…I mean don’t spend our time in two cancer centers.

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