It was supposed to be VERY COLD in Denver last night.  Like -5 degrees cold.  As I went to sleep last night I prayed for people to stay warm, prayed that there was shelter for the homeless and that those who were required to work outside were kept warm and safe.  Seriously.

I woke up this morning and it’s 54 degrees in my house.  My furnace is broken.  Called my dad (thank God my mom and dad answer their phone at 4:35 AM on the second ring).  Dad had just fixed Paula’s furnace earlier this week; thought he’d come over and work his magic on ours.  No luck.  We need an HVAC repair man.  I’m waiting here in my very cold house for a return call from the 3 messages I’ve left at various companies around town.  brrrrrrrrr…..

Bob was up early too, but had to be at work at 6:00 AM to check on a job that is starting.  So he’s leaving it up to me.  I’m waiting for the phone to ring – it does.  It’s Jordan who is at the office, and guess what?  The furnace at the office is not working.  It’s COLD there too.  He’s going to start some space heaters there and we’ll wait for the repair man to call me about my house and we’ll see if he does commercial work as well.  Seriously. 

My fingers are cold as I sit here under 3 blankets and type….and wait for the phone to ring again.  Heat is a good thing.  A roof over our head, a warm bed, a refrigerator full of food and family who answers their phone at 4:35 AM are all good things.  I will try not to take them for granted.  I will try to appreciate the things that I have.  Like HEAT.

But, seriously?

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