Woke up at 5:00 AM, singing Frosty the Snowman in my head.  hmmmm.  I hope that’s not a diagnosable indicator of mental illness.  🙂  As I lay there and hummed the tune I thought about old Frosty.  “A jolly happy soul…Alive as he could be.”  Not a bad example.  I’m going to try to work on emulating that this Christmas Season.

Bob has developed a cough, sounds pretty bad.  He went to the Doc yesterday and got a chest x-ray because it may be pneumonia (AGAIN).  He started antibiotics and we’ll have chest x-ray results today.  He seems to go through a fight with pneumonia at least 2 times every year.  He still doesn’t swallow very well (residual from the brain damage 7 years ago)…I think he aspirates.  BUT if he can take the antibiotics and get better I’m not going to worry about it.  What does worrying help anyway?

Mom had round 2 of chemo and as we all expected her counts have dropped.  BUT not as bad as I thought they would.  She’s actually doing very well.  We shopped for 2 hours on Sunday, she watched Tebow lead the Broncos to another victory (yelling and screaming and jumping up and down the whole game) and seemed perfectly fine.  If I didn’t know she was fighting cancer….I wouldn’t know.  (you know?)  But I think she’s scared.  We have a family trip planned to Vail this weekend.  Have been planning it for 3 months.  She just informed me that she’s afraid to go.  ??  I’m confused.  I’m trying very hard to not break down.  I want to be the one yelling, screaming and jumping up and down yelling at her (at cancer?) “don’t let fear run your life!  don’t let fear tell you what to do!”

We should be like Frosty.  “O Frosty the Snowman, WAS ALIVE AS HE COULD BE, and the children say he could run and play just the same as you and me.” 

I HATE CANCER.  Can’t wait for it to melt away.


2 thoughts on “Frosty

  1. Bekah says:

    you are an inspiration, Kim. Reading this today made me realize just how right you are about Frosty. . . we always have a reason to be happy, even when things look somewhat grim. Praying for you and standing in faith with you! Keep strong! :o)

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