my dad

My dad is funny.  Sometimes I don’t think he intends to be funny, but he is.  At least to his 6 kids and multiple grandkids.  He’s a yeller…so growing up in a house with 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom and 6 kids, we all got pretty accustomed to his yelling.  Almost to the point that it doesn’t even register that he’s yelling anymore.

So yesterday afternoon when he called me screaming and yelling into the phone about mom’s blood counts….I didn’t react to the yelling, I tried to hear him out before explaining her counts to him.

He yelled, “I don’t think those doctors know what they’re even doing!  They called today to tell us she had NO BLASTS in the blood that they drew Monday!!  I don’t understand!  When they drew blood Monday they said there were blast cells, I saw it on the paper.  Now they call to say no blasts?!  I’m ready to call them and tell them we’re changing doctors…they don’t know what they’re doing??!!  How does this make any sense??”

I waited for him to finish then asked, “So you’re mad because a test showed NO BLASTS?  Dad – that’s good news.”

“You’re not listening to me!!!!!!”  yelling escalated at this point, “what I’m telling you is that these people don’t know what they’re doing!  They keep changing results….it was the same blood they drew Monday that they said had blasts….now another lab says no blasts….how the…”  exasperated, he stopped yelling and then just continued in a calm voice (this is when I realized how scared he is).  “I guess I just don’t understand this.  I just never will.”

ugh.   I should listen to dad.  Not just to his yelling, but to what he’s SAYING.  Sort of like me listening to God.  Not that God ever yells, quite the opposite.  He’s a whisperer.  But I think maybe sometimes it’s just as hard to HEAR what my dad is saying through the yelling as it is to HEAR what God is saying through that still, calm whisper.

God please be with my dad.  Give him peace.  Give him strength.  He’s reading your words EVERY day…let them sink deep, deep, deep into him.

One thought on “my dad

  1. Dani says:

    Oh the Yelling, live with that every day! Thx, Gregory’s! Your Dad and Uncle Ray are almost identical Twins. Never realized that til our recent visit. You are right, maybe I should “listen” for the words but so hard over the yelling but you, like me and your Mom need to do this. He is scared, justifiably! Ray has been worse lately too and I think it’s all that is going on with him health wise right now too, nothing serious (hopefully) but scary. I think the fear comes from not knowing, that is the hardest part. Uncle Jerry doesn’t understand, all he knows is that is soul mate of many years is very sick. Hang in there Kid, prayers with you all!

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