Day +3

Today was another good day.  We didn’t have to be at the clinic until 10:15 so we slept in a bit.  When we arrived at the clinic we were told that Bob’s blood tests looked good, he didn’t need any IV fluids, electrolytes, or blood products.  So we were out of there in about 30 minutes.

We were told that he’d probably need blood and platelet transfusions by early next week…so Bob figured he had a short window of time to get some shopping done.  We went to visit my mom….she and Bob decided they wanted to go to Bed, Bath & Beyond for a few “as seen on TV” products.

The anti-nausea drugs that Bob is on make him want to shop. ?? I have no idea why.  It was like this last time too.  After he was discharged from the hospital last transplant, my mom would sit with him during the day while I worked.   They watched infomercials and purchased (I was told) much needed items.  Last time this happened I threatened to take his credit cards away from him.  Since the shopping today required them to actually walk through the store, the ‘much needed’ items were limited to a Lint Lizard for mom and a Shed Pal pet hair vacuum for Bob.  They were both thrilled with their purchases.

“It’s been a great day!” mom said, “First I was able to take a soaky bath without hurting and now a Lint Lizard!”   Bob agreed, “Yeah Barb, it was a good shopping trip.”

It’s the little things.  We must remember to look for the good in every day….even if  the good things are Lint Lizards and Shed Pals.




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