Day +4

Bob is very tired today.  At the clinic getting an IV infusion of normal saline with a little bit of magnesium.   We saw his doctor today (everyday we see A doc, today it happened to be HIS doc), which is nice.  Sort of feel like he’s part of the family we’ve known him for so long.  He said, “Bob you’re doing great!  Now comes the fun week, hunker down.  This weekend you may start to see your white blood cells disappear and you may need blood or platelet transfusions.  But you are doing very well.”

That’s the good news.  The bad news — my moms lint lizard isn’t working.  She called this morning, “yesterday was such a good day…and today is gonna suck!  My lint lizard isn’t what I thought it was!”

So if the definition of today sucking for mom is a malfunctioning lint lizard…I’ll take it.

Today is Jordan’s birthday.  Every once in awhile something happens that makes me stop and think about the world outside of “cancerville” (as Rusty calls it).  Jordan’s birthday did it.  Made me a little sad.  We should be celebrating with him, taking the kids out to dinner for a special birthday meal.  But it’s okay.  There will be more birthdays.  And Rusty and Kim are going on a cruise…I want a vacation!

Life just keeps going on around us.  I’m ready to join life again.   Mom and Bob will be better and we will go on a vacation, and we will celebrate again.  For now,  we’ll hunker down.


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