Day +5…..but really 9 days/years in

Let me start with a warning:  I’M VENTING THIS MORNING.  Sort of telling in the title of this post, Yeah you call it day +5 but we’ve been doing this for nine days now.  Who am I kidding?  More like nine years now !!!!

Nine  days?  That’s it?  Okay so this morning I wake up and Bob tells me that he woke at 1:30 in the morning and had uncontrollable diarrhea, almost made it to the toilet but not quite.  “Don’t worry I cleaned it up though.”. Very sweet of him…BUT HIS WHITE COUNT  IS DOWN and he shouldn’t really be playing in poop.  That’s my job.  Venting.

Then I give him his anti-nausea drugs and wait the half hour to fix him breakfast.  Wait so they can take effect and he can hold breakfast down.  I shower  and get ready for our trip to the hospital, fix Bob some toast which he throws up as soon as he finishes.  Then I try to decide if I should give him the rest of his drugs and risk him vomiting those up…or wait.  Can’t wait too long must leave to get to clinic in time, 8:00 am schedule this morning.  I give him one more anti-nausea drug and wait the last ten minutes (that I had saved for a quick drive through to get my coffee) and then dose him up with the anti-virals, anti-fungals, anti-biotics, blood pressure pills, synthroid……and pray he doesn’t vomit them all over my car.   Venting.

Bob holds the pills down, we get to the hospital, into the ICU area that they’ve converted into their weekend clinic….and wait 50 minutes for someone to come in and draw blood and start his IV fluids.  Probably would’ve waited longer if I hadn’t gone out to flag down one of the nurses and ‘gently’ remind them that we were there.  (I could have stopped for my coffee!)

While I’m on my rant here….I’d like to also state that I don’t know how people stay at home all day without a job.  I realize that I may get some blow-back on this one.  Bring it on….I’m venting.  But seriously, my house cannot get cleaner, my waistline can’t afford another home baked cake or pie, Facebook ain’t that interesting, the TV doesn’t have enough to offer, I’m not one to get into craft projects, can’t read ALL day…..I feel trapped.  I realize that some of this may come from the fact that I went from … instead of zero to sixty, sixty to zero.  I didn’t ease into this.  I went from working every day to NOT.  Not that what we’re doing isn’t crazy important — it is.  But the GOOD news is that it’s a bit boring, and regardless of how good boring is for Bob right now… I don’t do bored very well. 

So that’s my morning so far and it’s only 9:30 .  Hold on….I smell coffee!  

Okay, some kind soul found an old coffe pot here in the ICU  and made coffee.  I now have my styrofoam cup full and feel like things may be looking up.  

More later…..after coffee.  

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