Still +5

Okay, home now.  Had my coffee and actually did a little online shopping.  Thank you Amazon.  And I apologize to those of you who have very busy, fulfilled stay-at-home lives.  I meant no disrespect, just venting.  I’m certain you don’t have the trapped feeling.

Bob’s counts are DOWN.   I keep hearing in my head (no I’m not hearing voices)! Just keep thinking to myself….okay, let the games begin!  This is what we’ve “trained” for.  The classes, the prep, the medical team explaining over and over that this is the danger zone!  The week to ten days of waiting on engraftment. How to you get trained to not freak out?  To not let yourself think, even for a second, oh no!  This is when he got sick last time!

I’m reading my bible.  Praying.  Believing.  Mentally training myself to get through it.  We will get through it.

Yikes!  Chill Kim, chill.

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