Day +6 Good drugs

Had to be at the clinic at 8:00 this morning…which felt like 7:00 due to the time change.  No worries though, because all we have to do today is rest.

The guy in the cubicle next to us has been puking since he arrived, poor guy.  Sounds awful.  Bob has been snoring since we arrived.  I have him so doped up on anti-nausea drugs I practically have to drag him from the car to the clinic.  Would rather he sleep than puke.

He’s funny on drugs.  I feel like his designated driver.   The entire drive here he tries to tell me where to go, when to turn, how to stop, avoid that pothole, watch out for this guy coming up behind you…the drugged back seat driver.  Then he talks about our girls, “I really love them you know, they’re so good.  They’re soooo good.  I think they’re happy too.  They should be happy…..hey!  Look at how tall that building is!  I bet I could do a high fall from that height.  I wonder how high an air bag could catch me from?  I’m gonna do more stunts when this cancer is gone and I feel better.  And I’m going fishing too.  Where should we go?  Let’s make it a big family trip!”

Most of what he says I just sort of laugh at.  Sounds like the ramblings of a drunk  man.  But the “let’s take a big family trip”, I’m going to take seriously and I’m going to start planning.

Life is for the living.  We need to remember to live.  We have been so blessed, God really has been so very good to our family.  We need to celebrate life!

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