Day +7 Pink Floyd?

Today I woke up singing, ” the lunatic… is in my head…” Not that I don’t appreciate a little Pink Floyd once in awhile; but not exactly the song I’d like to wake up singing.   Bad sign?  The good news is that Bob woke up early and turned on some praise and worship music…and just laid on the couch and hummed along.  He’s singing praise and worship songs….I’m singing Brain Damage.  Hmmmmmmm……

Had to be at clinic at 745 this morning.  Getting fluids again.  His Creatinine is creeping up – 1.7 yesterday.  And his WBC – HGB – HCT – PLT are dropping like a rock.  ZERO white blood cells today.  Platelets in the danger zone at 16.  H&H down to transfusion level at 8.8 & 25.  Tomorrow will be a long day at the hospital getting blood and platelet transfusions.

His major complaints are fatigue and a hunger that cannot be fed.  (he wants to eat but pukes every time he tries). We can deal with both.

Mom saw her doc today too.  Her counts look great.  I asked her what the doctor said, “Same old crap! We have more blood drawn later this week and start another round of this crap week after next.”  Her major complaint is fatigue too.  Fatigue from the chemo and just so sick and tired of being sick and tired.  But she’s able to eat…thank God.  She BBQd pork steaks yesterday and brought me one. Love her.

Bob is still on his good drugs – still ‘Fun Bobby’.  On the way here today we drive by the same lotto billboard we drive by every day.  Fun Bobby says again, as he does every day, “I sure would love to win the lottery”.  I finally ask, “do you buy lottery tickets?” he replies, “Nope, never have.”   You have to play to win, Bob…you have to play to win.


All-in-all both patients are doing great.  Thank you God.

One thought on “Day +7 Pink Floyd?

  1. Susan Beyer says:

    A good friend of mine almost died trying to get through chemo treatments for Hep C with cirrhosis of the liver about 10 years ago. In the course of the following year she was healed of major disorders (heart, back, broken bones etc) but still had hep C. Two years ago we know we heard the Lord say to do the chemo treatments again. She only able to take the treatments two months when she her blood counts and all had bottomed out and she had to quit. But God does not lie. From the 1st month of chemo she had shown no Hep C in her blood and it has not returned. Not only that the Doctors report is now saying her liver functioning is returning. With God All things are possible. We will keep our eyes on His Word. Continue on in the way He has directed you both to go. He will not fail.

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