Standing by Jesus

Good news today. I’m only going to say good things.

Jordan saw his eye doctor last week, and they said “usually this procedure stops any further damage from the disease….I’ve never seen it actually reverse the damage!” Jordan’s eyes are better!! Thank you God. Jordan says the doctor was surprised and happy.

Bob had a strawberry shake today and held it down. He’s also had plenty of fluids that he’s held down. He feels well enough that he wants to go to church “just for the singing” tonight.

Mom is a rock star. Could be the strongest person I know. Never complains, never asks for anything. Just keeps a good attitude and keeps on moving. While at the cancer center today we told the nurse that she was a bit wiped out, they drew blood, her H&H was 7 & 23. Her blood pressure still very low. So she’s walking around with half the blood as a normal person….and not complaining. She was treated with IV fluids and will get 2 units of blood….but holy crap mom!!! She is a rock star.

So on the way out of the hospital we saw a statue of Jesus and some children. Our vacation habit is to pose next to statues … I have so many pictures of my family contorting their bodies in strange semblances to statues. I ask mom, ” so…do you want to pose?” Her reply, “I’ll just stand by Jesus.”

Good advice. I’ll just stand by Jesus too.


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