Just Watching

There are days that I wake up before the sun rises, lay in bed and pray. Today was one of those days. As I lay in the dark, I thanked God first. Thanked Him for loving me, for taking care of me, for sending His son for me.
Then I pray for people in my life. People that come to mind. Family of course, then others. Always a mixture of people in my life. Always someone who has somehow touched me. Sometimes people who I feel are out to hurt me or take advantage of me. helps to give that to God.

Today I pray for a person that used to work for us, and was in an automobile accident a few years ago while working for us. This person finally came back to work … worked with us all week. We offered him his job back in an effort to try and help him re-enter the workforce. I thought it went very well. He did a good job. He was anxious, nervous, scared to be there. He expressed to me that his life was very stressful, that “if you only knew how much stress I’m under….”
I took a deep breath, and held my tongue. Yes, I took the high road. I didn’t express to him the stress that I was under. Why would he care? He was there to let me know how hard HIS life is, He was there to express HIS need…only seeing the world through HIS plight.

God, don’t let me only see the world through MY eyes. Let me see things through your eyes. Help me to see things from behind You, like peeking out around You. You’ve got this. I’m just watching.

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