We sold the house. The house that we purchased for Nikki and her family to live in. The deal was, we’d buy it and they’d make the payments. That worked for about 4 years. She and her husband separated in January and I think that may have been when it all fell apart for her. (I may be a bit generous with that assessment…it may have been long before January of 2012 when she fell apart…but let’s just pretend).

So this past July, 2 months after losing mom, we were given the “I’m moving out, can’t afford it” speech. We took possession August 1st. We took about 3 weeks to clean up the mess that was left. We threw away the furniture that was left, the clothes that were strewn all over the floor, and the half a dumpster full of trash that was just left there. We took the family pictures and dishes that were from mom and stored them. We painted, cleaned, repaired, installed new carpet…all to the tune of about $14,000.

We listed with a realtor, the realtor had a bit of a melt down during the contract negotiations with a potential buyer (yes, we needed THAT), the realtor threw the contract across the table at us and quit because we wouldn’t agree to every single item on the “buyer wants” list, we were left with a for sale by owner option or finding another realtor.

Regardless, it sold.

Does everything have to be this hard right now? Is it this hard because I’m living under a shadow? or is it just really this hard?

Maybe I’ll try to find the good in this. We are going to sell the house. We will get our invested money out of the house. It will be OFF of my plate very soon. Another chapter closed.

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