Today was day two of chemo for mom. Aimie went with her, dad was there too. He’s there every day…every minute. He thinks it’s his job to be there every minute of her treatment. In sickness and in health, til death do them part.

Though he is “losing his mind – crazy – driving me up a wall” according to mom; he is doing exactly what he is supposed to be doing. He is her husband. He is her partner. Crazy, losing his mind..good, good, man. He is there for her.

Katie, Jordan and I went to dinner tonight. Ordered bread pudding for desert and took it to mom. We hung out with her for a bit. She told me that Bob had called her today. And told her that he loves her. Made me cry a bit. I don’t know why..I know he loves her. She cried a bit too. Bob’s not the most emotional person, meant a lot to her.

Mom is getting decadron as a pre-med to her chemo. It’s a steroid that is administered to aid in anti-nausea treatment…and it also makes her feel GREAT. She is eating better and generally in a good mood due to the decadron. She told the nurses that she’d like decadron for mothers day. They said they’d take care of it for her.
Decadron for mothers day….what a gift.

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