Just a few pictures.


Connor and dad fixing breakfast.


Mom reading to Blake….waiting for breakfast.


Home made brioche rolls and strawberry-blackberry jam. Yummmm.


Bob and Blake watching the roofers.


Connor picked me some flowers. “Gram, I’m sorry but one of these might be a weed.”

Que Sera Sera

Whatever will be, will be? No, I don’t like that. I was taking a walk and found myself singing this old Doris Day song. I’ve never really been a ‘whatever will be, will be’ sort of person. I guess in theory it’s a nice way to live…but when you get right down to it I think I more of a ‘what’s going on here’ sort of person. The future may not be ours to see, but we can have hope for our future. I may not have all the answers about what will be….but we do have a future!

Went to moms this morning. Took some home made strawberry jam, mom and dad made biscuits and pancakes, eggs, ham, hash browns, coffee and juice. Aimie and the boys, Bob and I, mom and dad all had breakfast then went out back on the porch to visit. Mom looks pale. She’s very tired. I kept telling myself that we walk by faith, not by sight. I hate cancer.

Bob had a rough day. Feels sick to his stomach (hope its not the jam), had to give him more anti-nausea medicine again this afternoon. Tomorrow he starts collecting his urine in a jug for 24 hours, then have to deliver it to the hospital Monday morning. They will see how his kidneys fared through the transplant. Fun, fun. Two doctors visits next week. I think we’ll try to get back to work too.

Jordan and Katie came over this afternoon, we made more jam. And I also made some brioche bread. Tomorrow morning – fresh bread and jam. Living it up!

Strawberry Jam

Confession: I’m sort of addicted to the food network.
I watched Ina Garten make strawberry jam…and it looked so easy.

In line with my new ‘life is for the living’ mantra (thank you Shannon)…I decided that home made strawberry jam would be a beautiful gift for Bob, mom and the boys.


Sooo…living life = making strawberry jam, taking it to mom’s house tomorrow for breakfast!


Shannon reminded me of something today. Life is for the living.

I went on a walk around the park this evening. Everything is coming back to life…the trees are blooming, the grass is so green, it is so alive out there!


I need to remember to live.

I need to line my emotions up with my faith, and my faith is in the ROCK. So my emotions need to be steady like a rock, not sloshing around like the milk at the bottom of the gallon jug.

I listen to people who aren’t in this life and death fight, and it seems they slosh around a bit too. Are we all just naturally complainers? Why can’t we be naturally….whatever the opposite of complaining is. Thankful? Appreciative of life, whatever it brings? Didn’t Paul say that we should thank God for our trials, for our suffering? Well I’m far from being thankful for this suffering, but I think maybe I can minimize the sloshing around a bit.

I’m going to look around and open my eyes to see life; going to open my eyes and look at it as a gift. Life is a gift, if I need to unwrap it once in awhile and really look at it…I will.



Connor and Blake hung out with us today. They love G-Bob.

Speaking of Bob….he was told by the doctors that he could not be around job sites yet, no remodeling for six months, not to be near sick people and not to drive alone yet.

Today Bob decided he wanted to drive to work…alone. I started to argue but gave up pretty quickly. He didn’t stay long because Paula was there and she’s sick.
He came home and still had some energy so he decided to climb onto the roof with the crew that’s putting on our new roof. Yep. Then he climbed into the attic to remove some ductwork that lead to a vent that they were tearing out. I did talk him into wearing a mask at least on that one.

Non-compliant….but how do you stop someone from living?


Don’t shoot the messenger

You know I was thinking about Aimie…and how she communicated the result of moms doctor visit with me. She was our messenger. I would Praise the messenger in this case, not shoot her.
She could have said, biopsy not good….need second opinion….chemo not working….doctor out of options….

BUT NO! She delivered truth. Not test results.

I have a picture hanging in my house that says:

Bob had doctor visit today, counts still not completely recovered. But they are getting better….will keep the PIC line for another week. We stopped by work again….but he was a bit too tired to stay. Everyone is just plugging along there….we have a good team. It’s so hard to NOT be there….but then again….it’s not.

Bob is eating SO MUCH BETTER. Cereal for breakfast, a french toast, eggs and bacon meal from The Corner Bakery for lunch and 2 pieces of pizza for dinner. Not bad!

What about Bob

Oops….forgot to post about Bob’s day.

We had an appointment at our house to talk to a roofer yesterday morning. Hail damage. So Bob woke up and showered and got dressed in real clothes! (not that sweat pants and a t- shirt aren’t real clothes….because if that were true I would be considered not dressed a large portion of my life). But he put on a pair of jeans, a belt, shoes, tucked his SuperiornDemolition shirt in…this is a step up here folks.
He put on his ‘Hair cap’ (best invention ever) and greeted the roofing contractor at the door.
After we met with him, Bob said “Let’s go to work for a little while. And I’m driving my truck!”

We went to the office for almost two hours. Bob looked at the bid board, picked a job to bid, looked at blue prints, bid the job….then we left. Short and sweet. None-the-less, he actually worked.

I was the passenger, he was the driver. Boy does it feel good to say that. Even though his driving is as atrocious as it has always been…there is something nice about being the passenger once in awhile.